Thursday, November 10, 2011

CIC is Going Paperless

CIC is transforming the way it does business. With the increasing use of technology, we are moving away from paper application forms, and are encouraging applicants to use the electronic forms that can be submitted online, or downloaded and printed from our web site. Effective December 1, 2011, with a few exceptions, we will no longer be printing or mailing paper copies of our forms and related guides.
These changes will save CIC over $4 million over the next three years in costs related to printing and mailing. The changes also reflect the fact that technology is making the application process easier to access. Increasingly, improved online services are allowing people to apply wherever and whenever they want, with online tools to help navigate the immigration process. By 2015 the majority of CIC applications will be submitted and processed online.

Source: E-newsletter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Fall 2011

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